Brit Lads Rob Jackson and Tommy Lee

April 19, 2022 - Reading time: 3 minutes

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Handsome athletic lads Rob Jackson and Tommy Lee start off in shiny sports shorts. Tommy gives Rob’s nipples a lick whilst stroking his growing bulge. They take off their shorts, and Tommy goes back to Rob’s bulge. They take off their underwear. Both lads have thick meaty uncut cocks, but Rob’s is super thick with bulging veins and lots of foreskin over the fat head. Eager to get that big meat in his mouth, Tommy opens wide, struggling to take it all. Rob grips his head and fucks his mouth. They stand and wank, then Rob gets onto his knees to give Tommy’s thick dick a good wet sucking. Then they switch. Rob gets sucked again, a very hot, very wet, sloppy, blowjob. Rob plays with Tommy’s hole, rubbing spit into it. Eager to fuck, Tommy leans against the sofa. Rob eases his dick in, letting Tommy get used to the size, then fucks a bit harder. On the floor, Tommy lays on his side, some very hot action as his hole gets massively stretched. Rob pulls out and moves around to get his dick sucked by Tommy, who jerks himself off, shooting a big load of white spunk over his chest. Rob cums shortly after, and his dick practically explodes. Jet after jet of hot jizz squirts all over Tommy’s face and into his mouth, leaving him drenched

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Tom Bacan and Tom Connor

April 19, 2022 - Reading time: 3 minutes

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Tom Bacan is looking to warm up and Tom Connor comes in all hot and bothered ready to play. The two fall into each other’s arms and begin kissing as they slowly strip out of their clothes. Both of their thick uncut cocks are rock hard and ready for action. As they continue kissing, they grab each other’s dicks and start masturbating one another. Jacking leads to blowjobs and blowjobs lead to Tom Connor sliding in behind Tom Bacan and the ass pounding begins. It’s not long before Tom Bacan climbs on top and begins riding up and down on Tom Connor’s thick long cock. He gyrates around enjoying Tom’s dick deep inside him. He rolls over on his back, pulls his legs back and Tom Connor plows his dick back inside his tight pink hole. The fucking intensifies and Tom Bacan jerks his cock faster just as the dick inside him finds that magic button. Tom Bacan loses it and squirts a healthy load of cum all over his tummy. Tom Connor pulls out and his huge uncut cock blows load after load coating both the sofa and Tom Bacan in layers of creamy jizz. It certainly looks like everyone’s all warmed up now

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Twinks Dildo Pleasure

April 15, 2022 - Reading time: 5 minutes











Next Door Twink

It’s about time Oli shared that thing! His little friends at school have been waiting for an invitation ever since they all saw him unwrap the brand new, princely looking dildo at his birthday party. Oli’s been using the toy everyday. The truth is, he hasn’t wanted to invite anyone over because he’s been acclimating his tight, Twink hole to the massive thing. But now that he can take the girth fairly easily, Oli’s decided to invite over his pals, Asa Shaw and Alexx Thomas for a little pleasure party. The three boys made out at school during lunch once, so Oli figures they’re the best invitees for his good-time get-together. They engaged in some pretty amorous activity right from the start. They can’t keep their hands off each other. Soon they’re naked, playing with and sucking on one another. Alexx slurps, licks, and sucks Asa’s fat dick for a while, while Oli takes care of Alexx’s thick cock. Then the coveted dildo makes its appearance. Watch each boy take a nice, deep banging before squirting with passionate glee, one at a time. It’s a Twink party you definitely want to attend! Enjoy!

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Nine Inch Cock British Twink

August 11, 2020 - Reading time: 6 minutes

Super hung Luke Desmond returns for a scorcher of a scene with handsome new lad Dan James. Dan sports a thick uncut dick which is permanently solid but Luke has that massive 9-inch monster! The two kiss and grope each other, pulling off their tops. The energy and passion in this scene builds as Luke reaches inside Dan’s shorts to release his cock. It hangs, still soft, but thick and with plenty of foreskin As Luke strokes it, you can see it visibly harden. Dan then reaches into Luke’s shorts and pulls out his cock as well, which even soft is massive as it hangs nearly a third of the way down his thigh. Those of you who like foreskin will love Dan’s dick. Its meaty and even when hard, his foreskin covers the head. Luke gets on his knees and sucks about half of Dan’s meaty shaft. Then, pushing deeper, Luke gets most of if down. It’s hot to see him struggling to get it all in! He gets Dan’s cock really wet, working his tongue around the foreskin. Dan cant wait to get his lips around Luke’s huge 9-inch uncut monstercock and is soon on his knees taking as much as he can. Luke rubs his cock against Dan’s face, slapping him on the tongue with it, then pushes it to the back of his throat. Incredibly horny! They move to the floor for some incredibly hot 69 action, with Dan on his back, Luke on top. He sucks so deep and fast on Dan’s fat cock, the saliva streams down his meaty dick. When Dan gets on all fours, his arse facing the camera, Luke spits into his tight hole. He rubs the spit in, then pushes his tongue up there, jerking him off as licks his hole. Dan then lays on his side, next to Luke, who rubs his throbbing nine incher against Dan’s wet hole. Slowly, he pushes it in and begins to fuck. Dan encourages him to go harder and Luke pounds with long hard thrusts. But then the lads FLIP! Dan lays on his back holding his thick cock up and Luke impales himself, his cock throbs and twitching left and right. Luke rides Dan then leans back as Dan grips his arse and thrusts into him. For a final, Luke is on his back, with Dan on his knees, eagerly pushing his cock back inside Luke’s hungry butt. He speeds up, fucking hard and Luke’s cock looks about to burst at any moment. Dan keeps fucking and suddenly pulls out, pulls the condom off, and spunks REALLY hard over Luke’s chest. Except he’s so turned on his cock stays hard so he puts on another condom and plunges back into Luke, fucking until Luke shoots several thick creamy blobs of cum over his tight abs. This scene will have you spunking repeatedly!

Hard Brit Lads

Huge Monster Cock Ten Inches

August 11, 2020 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Petite twink Chad takes Steven Prior’s 10 inch Monstercock! Prepare yourselves for a scene you will NEVER forget, as super cute and tiny 18-year-old Chad takes on Steven Prior’s super huge, very thick uncut 10 inch monstercock! Chad can barely get his lips around it but his arse gets seriously stretched in an incredible scene that will have you spunking over and over.

Hard Brit Lads

Karl Ayers and Tom Rogers

August 11, 2020 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Bel Ami presents Karl Ayers in his first hardcore performance. While Karl was given some training with Kirk Gaugin prior to this, this is his first full scene. We paired him with Tom Rogers as they have similar physiques and personality. Karl began as a chat model then decided he would like to try some action as well. Though both boys are hesitant at the start, once the initial awkwardness passes, they really seem to enjoy their time together. Tom is also making his debut as a top deciding he’d like to be Karl’s first onscreen fuck.

Freshmen from Bel Ami

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