Brian Bonds Jockstrap Butt

January 3, 2021 - Reading time: 2 minutes

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Hot Older Male

Scruffy and always ready to fuck, Brian Bonds is a versatile stud with a thick, juicy cock and a sweet ass that can really take some serious dick.

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Hairy DILF Lance Charger

January 2, 2021 - Reading time: ~1 minute

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Hot Older Male

Handsome, hairy, hung. Handsome, hairy, hung. That’s hot daddy Lance Charger. This hairy DILF, muscled daddy loves to take his rock hard cock and use young subs until they just can’t take anymore. And then he gives them more.

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David Lee and Marco Napoli from Butch Dixon

August 11, 2020 - Reading time: 3 minutes

This daddy’s gonna blow. Welcome to Marco Napoli and David Lee, these guys are packed, ripped, hung and juuuicy. David is strapping bearded bloke with a juicy joint, very long, snug foreskin and he just luvs those tight, horny lads like Marco. Italian Marco is all male, all beef, but he just luvs a hot dick up his hairy, hard and very tight hole, those guy is a real dick milker. this avid bottom is rock rigid as he rides that raw pole, his big nuts swimming to the rhythm of David’s rampant thrusts – of those hips to butt collisions ! We make sure we’re right between those beefy thighs – if these legs close I’m a goner, its an occupational hazard but a risk I’m willing to take, right there with my lens in the sexy, sweaty jizz fug up as close as i can get to Marcos’ rippling hole and the skin on skin hot squeak of David’s throbbing rod YUM!

Butch Dixon

New from Raw Hole

August 11, 2020 - Reading time: 4 minutes

Dark tatted stud Rikk York moves in on muscle dude Matt Stevens and the two trade blowjobs, Rikk pumping his cock up into Matt’s hungry mouth. He reaches down with a coupla wet fingers to slide them along Stevens’ hot ass. His curved cock fits just perfect down Matt’s throat. Rikk bends him over and sucks his hole, grabbing him by the hips to get in deep. Another gob of spit and he’s drilling his raw cock in. Matt reaches back to pull his cheeks wide open as he backs into Rikk. He moans with every powerful stroke.

Matt gets macho and pushes Rikk down to the bed, climbs on and pops Rikk’s cock back into his butthole. Rikk lies back and relaxes while horndog Matt bounces and grinds on him, his dick leaking precum as it slides across Rikk’s hairy pubes. Rikk takes a muscular cheek in each hand and plows bareback into Matt. With one hand on Matt’s thigh and the other pulling his upper leg wide he pummels the hot muscleboy. Matt’s hole is wet and sloppy, sloshing every time Rikk drives in balls deep. their moans get louder and faster and Matt’s load shoots out like a geyser. Rikk is sweaty and on the edge. He grabs his nuts and sprays into Matt’s open hole, then pushes his spurting tool back inside.

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DILF Bangs A Twink

July 19, 2014 - Reading time: 4 minutes









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It’s summer in Las Vegas and Hot dad Doug Jeffries and cute lad Sean Blue kiss on a chair by the pool. Sean strokes Doug’s hard cock and feels his muscular pecs. He goes down on the muscle daddy and sucks his thick dick. They kiss and Doug quickly begins blowing Sean. The wind blows hard as Doug deep throats Sean. The two men stand and kiss as Doug grabs Sean’s bubble butt. They hop in the pool and kiss flirtatiously. They lick each other’s hard nips and playfully grab at one another. They climb out of the pool and Doug bends over so Sean can rim his manly hole. The daddy moans as Sean batters his ass with his tongue. Doug fucks Sean on the couch, thrusting deep into the lad’s tight hole. Sean yells for him to fuck him harder. The lad backs his juicy booty up on Doug’s thick pipe. The wind picks up again as Sean rides Doug on the couch. Sean bounces his ass hard on and uses Doug’s cock like his own personal joy toy. The lad lays on his back and Doug pile-drives deep into his hole. Sean Blue takes a hard pounding before shooting a thick load on himself. Doug Jeffries pulls out and shoots a stream of cum all over Sean’s abs. Dad and lad share a hot kiss then hop back in the pool to cool off.

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