Happy Ending Male Massage

January 1, 2022 - Reading time: 4 minutes

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John Corn heard that Leo Animo gave a good rub-down and after the day he’s had, he’s ready for some relief. He eagerly strips down to his underwear and lies down on the massage table. Leo begins working John’s tight neck and back muscles. He helps John out of his underwear before picking up the oil and applying a liberal amount to John’s muscular back. Leo takes his time, slowly working his way down John’s back and pausing to focus on his tight bubble-butt. Leo pours on a little more oil, making sure some of it finds its way onto John’s balls. The camera catches John’s cock bulging up between his legs while Leo takes the extra time to massage John’s feet and toes. By the time John rolls over on the bed, his cock is at full mast. Leo starts with John’s pecs, moves his way down over John’s tight abs but John’s rock-hard cock seems to be distracting Leo. It’s long, thick and seems to be everywhere Leo is trying to rub. He can’t resist and he grabs ahold of John’s thick, uncut piece of meat. John shows every sign that he’s enjoying himself so Leo starts massaging John’s balls with his other hand. Leo pours a little more oil onto John’s cock and balls. He grabs John’s thick shaft and starts jacking it, slow at first but faster when he figures that John’s really into this and is almost ready to blow. Leo notices John’s body tighten up so he starts jacking even faster. With a heavy sigh John blows a thick creamy load of cum coating his abs. After he gathers himself, John sits up on the table with a big smile on his face and Leo knows that he’ll be back.

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