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After 3 years of sexting, Evan and Greyson finally got to meet and more importantly, fuck. That’s a lot of time and built-up sexual tension. We all know and love these boys, so we didn’t chat long before they were taking each other’s clothes off, and licking and sucking each other from face to hole to cock.

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Camillo Beischel loves to work out as shown by his highly muscly body. Today’s encounter with Hugo Carter starts in our private gym where you can also spot other models. Hugo isn’t really a „gym rat“ so after lifting some barbells he heads back to the house. There is only one thing that Camillo is more passionate about than going to the gym and that’s a good fuck, so he decides to follow Hugo and see what happens. When our muscled jock starts to seduce Hugo, he is very much up for Camillo’s alternative workout plan. The boys let their passion guide them until they both end up naked in bed. Camillo works his way down to suck on Hugo‘s erect dick. His oral skills awake the always quiet Hugo who then flips roles and embraces Camillo’s dick with his lips. While Hugo gives head to his friend, we are rewarded with a nice view of Hugo’s pink hole which soon gets to be rimmed and fucked. It is clear from his ever louder and intense moans that our blond star is in seventh heaven. Camillo is an excellent top, especially when his partner is someone as sexy as Hugo. Two powerful climaxes are the inevitable conclusion to the steamy session between these two, physically very different, yet mutually attractive lovers.

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