Tatt Studs Fuck

May 12, 2022 - Reading time: 3 minutes



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English Lads

Stewart our laid back personal trainer is matched with our other fitness enthusiast Royal Marine Tyler and these two straight young studs are soon kissing and hands in each others boxers feeling each other up; boxers down, cocks up and Stewart is soon gobbling down on Tyler’s very stiff uncut meat. Not wanting to fail at a challenge, Tyler soon shows he not only looks good with a cock in his mouth but he also has a pretty mean tongue action! A little foreplay later and Tyler is soon stuffing is erection up Stewart’s hole; seconds later Tyler is pumping good and hard before they switch and Stewart rides it good and Tyler pumps it hard. Lots of fucking and panting and Stewart is squirting his load on his leg and bed, Tyler pulls out and shoots his load on Stewart. Now there are two lads who know how to help each other!

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Inked Muscle Guys Fuck

May 5, 2022 - Reading time: 3 minutes











Alexsander Freitas really needs some help, he has some tough charges coming up against him and he would very much like not to go back to jail. Alexsander has booked an appointment with one of the best lawyers in town who he hopes can help him. Criminal lawyer Jessie Colter takes one look at Alexsander’s case and knows it’s not worth his time, but then Jessie takes a second look at the bulge in Alexsander’s jeans and finds something that is!

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Blonde Frat Hunk Nude

April 28, 2022 - Reading time: 3 minutes










Straight Fraternity

Blonde, bearded hunk Shawn shot some straight porn about a year ago, and he’s looking to get back in the game. He reveals his worked out physique and strokes off a thick load in this audition for Straight Fraternity.

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Asian Island Stud Nude

April 21, 2022 - Reading time: 5 minutes








Island Studs

18 year old Hawaiian and Japanese surfer Yoshi is a totally smooth
ripped athletic High School gymnast. Weight training hard since grade
school, Yoshi currently pumps iron 6 times a week, surfs daily and was
the Captain of his High School and College gymnastic teams. Friendly
and a little bit shy, Yoshi explains that he is slightly nervous for
his first time naked on film. This straight jock is pleased to show
off his GREAT naturally smooth body for Island Studs! Once Yoshi
strips off his aloha board shorts he begins flexing his big biceps for
the camera. Yoshi is 100% pure Hawaiian / American beef! Watch Yoshi
work out with dumbbells fully NUDE outdoors! Watch as he lifts weights
completely naked with a throbbing rock hard dick – all caught on
video! Yoshi has a classic gymnast body: smooth ripped abs, thick
muscular thighs, bubble butt and that beautiful furry Asian / Hawaiian
cock! There is something so sexy about seeing a ripped muscle boy
bending over working naked in a lush green setting. After his HOT
workout session, this college athlete walks around outside pulling
weeds in our tropical Hawaiian garden fully NUDE! We get to see
Yoshi’s smooth boy body from every angle as he squats in the garden.
Check out his perfect twink body as he bends over and exposes his pink
butt hole! After his nudist work horny Yoshi sits on the deck to enjoy
jerking his beautiful cock. Watch how he gently rubs and plays with
his boy toy until it’s a full ridged throbbing hard on! With a raging
boner Yoshi flexes again showing off his lean abs and biceps as his
rock hard dick rests on his smooth tight belly! Yoshi becomes so
turned on playing with himself and it shows! Listen to Yoshi moan
softly with his eyes closed in ecstasy when he releases a fountain of
YUMMY BOY CUM! Wow, what a massive load of boy juice from this HOT
COLLEGE gymnast! To clean up all the juicy goo Yoshi enjoys a hot
soapy shower which is a delight to watch. Look how sexy this young man
is as he washes every inch of his smooth creamy white skin in the
outdoor shower. Yoshi is a muscle college twink with a great gym body
and a happy smile. Enjoy Yoshi and his wild outdoor jerk off session!

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You Love To Jack Alone

April 21, 2022 - Reading time: 4 minutes





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You Love Jack

This hot little bad boy can be a top but he really prefers to bottom. And judging by the look on his face when he crams his fingers deep in his ass – it’s clear that a little bottom is never bad!

Ben looks longingly into the camera with his deep blue eyes as he massages his rock hard cock still hidden inside his blue jeans. Savoring every moment as he strips bare naked and begins his ritual of self-worship. He grabs his cock and slowly strokes the length of the shaft before spitting on his fingers and massaging the head. He pulls his legs up and crams two fingers deep inside his ass and slowly works them in and out. Fucking his ass with a perfect beat as those amazing blue eyes roll back in his head to prove how much he likes it! He pulls out and blasts a huge load of cum all over his smooth fit chest and abs. He milks the last drop of cum from his delicious pecker then looks up at the camera one last time with those beautiful blue eyes. Fucking amazing!

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Brit Lads Rob Jackson and Tommy Lee

April 19, 2022 - Reading time: 3 minutes

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Handsome athletic lads Rob Jackson and Tommy Lee start off in shiny sports shorts. Tommy gives Rob’s nipples a lick whilst stroking his growing bulge. They take off their shorts, and Tommy goes back to Rob’s bulge. They take off their underwear. Both lads have thick meaty uncut cocks, but Rob’s is super thick with bulging veins and lots of foreskin over the fat head. Eager to get that big meat in his mouth, Tommy opens wide, struggling to take it all. Rob grips his head and fucks his mouth. They stand and wank, then Rob gets onto his knees to give Tommy’s thick dick a good wet sucking. Then they switch. Rob gets sucked again, a very hot, very wet, sloppy, blowjob. Rob plays with Tommy’s hole, rubbing spit into it. Eager to fuck, Tommy leans against the sofa. Rob eases his dick in, letting Tommy get used to the size, then fucks a bit harder. On the floor, Tommy lays on his side, some very hot action as his hole gets massively stretched. Rob pulls out and moves around to get his dick sucked by Tommy, who jerks himself off, shooting a big load of white spunk over his chest. Rob cums shortly after, and his dick practically explodes. Jet after jet of hot jizz squirts all over Tommy’s face and into his mouth, leaving him drenched

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