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April 26, 2012 - Reading time: 4 minutes

Buck has to be one of the horniest models they have ever had at Southern Strokes. When Buck finished his last shoot with Preston, he made it clear that he was ready to take it up the ass. Austin was a nice surprise when he made his first visit. He comes across as this shy straight guy but it’s obvious that he has a nasty side. When he was asked to come in and fuck Buck, he couldn’t get here fast enough.


When these two first met, you could tell that Austin was looking forward to diving into Buck’s hot ass. He couldn’t take his eyes off him. Buck is a little shy which is so sexy given how ripped his hot jock body is. Buck really likes to please and he was looking forward to letting a guy take his tight twink ass hole. It was obvious that this was definitely a first time gay experience for both of these cute twinks. They were both a little nervous.


Once the cameras are rolling, these two looked as if they had been sucking cock and eating another guys ass for a long time. They both immediately went after each other’s clothes, peeling away their pants and shirts leaving them both hard, horny and ready to go. Austin could tell that Buck was really anxious to feel a thick hard cock in his tight virgin hole. Buck couldn’t hold back his moans as Austin probed his tight ass with his wet tongue. He didn’t stop until Buck was completely worked up and begging for his hard cock.


Austin is a kinda short little jock stud which makes his 7 1/2″ cock look even bigger. It was hot watching the small framed Austin bend over Buck and tease his firm male ass by slapping it with his erect cock. Buck couldn’t take it anymore edging and teasing and grabbed a condom, demanding that Austin fuck his ass! Austin proceeded to fuck Buck in every position imaginable.

Watch as Buck flexes his entire body and shoots his huge load of cum while Austin is fucking him deep.

Jayden and Skyelr Fuck On Southern Strokes

June 15, 2010 - Reading time: 3 minutes

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Jayden has become one of our favorites, Jayden has always wanted to have sex outside, around a pool!  It was one of those hot Georgia days, when Jayden had been hanging out at the house, playing naked in the pool, getting horny by the minute.  We knew Skyelr and Jayden had an attraction for each other.  Nothing better than to have the two of them show us some hot sweaty sex.  Jayden instantly made Skyelr start sucking him till he was rock hard.
Right then the action begin, Jayden started by thrusting his cock deep into Skyelr’s tight ass.
Skyelr letting out moans, as Jayden pounded harder, slapping his big balls against Skyelr’s ass.
It wasn’t long before these two went from pools edge to fucking in the pool. Jayden
bent Skyelr over and continued to pound. Skyelr kept trying to push away, as Jayden just  pounding  deeper into his  ass.  The sexual pleasure on their faces is enough to make you cum !
Jayden kept this up for sometime, before releasing his load all over Skyelr’s ass, rubbing his hard dick through the pools of cum.

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Southern Guy Robbie Cums For The Camera

June 15, 2010 - Reading time: 3 minutes

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As we got started the temperature heated up as the sun beat down on Robbie. dripping with sweat as he stroked his cock. One thing you can’t miss is Robbie’s big swaying balls, mixed in with his nice thick bush. Robbie was trying not to watch his girl put on a private show for him in the pool, but it worked well as he got up on his knees and started stroking faster and faster. The beads of sweat ran down him, keeping his cock wet.

The hotter it got outside the hotter Robbie got, just when we thought he was going to pass out, his moaning progressed and suddenly he started shooting streams of cum. Man this boy can shoot, especially when heated up !

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