Dan Stroking Dick

June 8, 2013 - Reading time: 3 minutes






Active Duty

In Active Duty’s War Chest, we met another new find of their pal Mike. Dan is 22 years old, stands a compact 5′ 7″ tall and weighs 155 lbs. He likes going to the gym (and we can tell by his body), as well as dirt bikes, motocross, and anything outdoors including hunting and fishing. This Seattle guy promises to put on a good show for Mike, and he really does. Unlike most first-timers, Dan is happy to show off his muscles and work it for the camera with pride. He starts off by stripping down slowly while showing off his assets, and for the big finale he hits his chin with his load!

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Str8 Marine Nude Jerkoff Session

June 7, 2013 - Reading time: 4 minutes









Spunk Worthy

Dean is a 25 y/o str8 Marine whose barracks roommate found the site and encouraged him to send in his pics. True story! Military guys seem to have that ‘special’ kind of friendship where they tell each other everything. Dean and his roommate agreed with a laugh when I mentioned it.
Even though he’s done a few webcam shows in the past, Dean admitted that he was a little nervous dropping his pants on camera.
“I was by myself then,” he explained. “This is my first time with the whole ‘external thing’ with multiple cameras and lights.”
Nervous or not, Dean certainly knew how to show off his stuff. I’m sure it helped that he had saved up a 3 day load and was plenty horny for his debut.
When I asked him to bend over to show off his muscular ass, I nearly dropped the camera when he reached around and sunk a finger down to the knuckle up his hole. Hot!
Dean apparently couldn’t hold himself back any longer: “Is it okay if I cum now?” he asked. He rolled over onto his back and started finger fucking himself while jerking his cock. As his breathing got louder and deeper, Dean’s cock exploded, covering his chest and stomach in spray of cum.

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Dean Monroe Photoshoot For Hard Brit Lads

August 22, 2011 - Reading time: 5 minutes


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Super hot Dean Monroe has smouldering dark handsome looks, and an incredibly sexy muscular body, from years of serious gym work and sports. Certainly more of a man than a lad, but he is such a hot guy, I had to have him on HardBritLads. Dean prides himself on being a talented power bottom. He is a super nice guy too. Those of you who love arse play are going to really get off on this, as Dean really knows how to put on a good show.

Dean begins by lifting his adidas vest to show us his tight abs, lifting it further giving us a glimpse of his nipples, which he plays with a bit. He rubs the bulge in his shorts, and then removes his vest. He lifts his arm and takes a deep sniff of his armpit. Dean reaches for some body oil and pours a little over his muscular pecs, and rubs it into his chest and six pack, then reaches down to rub it into his legs.

He goes back to rubbing the bulge in his shorts, which is getting harder, and then he eases his cock out of the side of his shorts. It is uncut, a good thickness, with big throbbing veins.. very nice. He plays with it slowly for us, pulling his foreskin back and forth as his dick gets rock solid.

Dean turns around so his back faces us, takes hold of his shorts, then bends over, slowly pulling his shorts down, exposing his smooth butt and muscled thighs as his shorts go right down to his ankles. He turns around, and jerks off for us some more, his dick rock solid now. He keeps his cock moist with spit and oil.

Next, he lays down on his back, holds his legs up, wide apart, and begins to rub his butt hole. He gets it wet with plenty of spit, then pushes his finger in, keeping his dick solid while he does this. He fingers himself, and then pushes in a second finger. Dean Monroe pulls his butt cheeks wide apart, giving us some great close ups of his hole. Then, he turns over onto all fours, and pulls his cheeks apart with one hand, whilst fingering himself with the other, first inserting one finger, then two.

After that, Dean gets back onto his back, holds his legs wide apart, and fingers himself deeper and more intensely, first with one finger, sliding in and out, then a second finger, and then, he pushes in three fingers, really stretching his hole open. It makes his rock solid and he starts jerking off, harder and faster.. and suddenly Dean shoots, thick and strong, shooting hot spunk right up his chest almost to the base of his neck, and forming thick pools in his solid abs.. Fantastic.

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