Robbie Has An Eleven Inch Long Cock

September 1, 2011 - Reading time: 4 minutes

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Yest those photos were real, no photoshopping to make the dick bigger, a real eleven inch long hard dong.

When they first saw Robbie walking down the beach, his muscles and the enormous bulge in his surf shorts caught their eye. This mature Island Stud has a full 11 inches of man muscle between his legs! Robbie was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, and ‘big’ is the perfect word to describe him. Check out his great upper body, huge pectoral muscles, arms, and well defined rock hard abs. He sports a tattoo around his upper chest with the words: “Too weird to live, to rare to die.” – a quote from the famous gonzo writer Hunter S. Thompson. Robbie is certainly one of a kind: Great looking with a killer smile! This friendly full-time student has done nude modeling before, and when his board shorts come off it’s easy to see why he is so popular with the Island ladies! Like Oscar & Carlos, Robbie has been gifted with a mammoth uncut cock that hangs between his legs like the trunk of an elephant! He loves to touch and show it off for the cameras, and when it’s fully hard his hand can barely fit around his massive 11″ tool! Robbie shares with them that he first found out he had such a large dick in High School. He whipped out his cock on a dare and everyone gasped in surprise at how gigantic he was at the young age of only 18 years old. His thick cock and low hanging balls flop all around in their Naked Worker Series as he pulls weeds in the garden and works with a 16″ machete. Watching BIG DICK Robbie work with a big knife outdoors naked is so sexy! During this very erotic video Robbie walks around naked with a FAT HARD DICK and even takes a piss three times in the sun. Their cameras catch every intimate moment. This muscle college jock just can’t keep his hands off his huge uncut cock! Watch as he playfully moves his thick foreskin up and down over his thick cock head as he jerks off. Robbie LOVES to jerk his dick for the camera. He is NOT a shy guy! Like Hank, Tony & Chase, Robbie’s pecs and ab muscles bounce as he strokes his shaft! When he finally unloads, his thick sticky cum pours out all over his hands and crotch. This straight muscle stud is a delicious package from top to bottom! Robbie is one Island Stud with a hot jock body and a monster cock that we can’t wait to see again!

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