Kike Gil Hairy Ass Naked

October 27, 2023 - Reading time: ~1 minute

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Kike Gil is a furry, muscled man’s man. Kike enjoys having a big cock in his mouth almost as much as he likes having one inside his hairy ass. And if he can do both at the same time, even better!

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Raw Man Action

March 8, 2014 - Reading time: 4 minutes











Sketchy Sex

We had been fucking each others brains out all night. It was sometime in the early morning when we shot this vid. Eli was on a big dick cum hungry binge. Some closet case married dude with a ten inch cock posted on craigslist and Eli invited him over. This guy had beautiful big dick and Eli couldn’t get enough of it – he took so many loads dude!

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Boyfriend Fuck

March 7, 2014 - Reading time: 4 minutes

NSV022_Boyfriends2_LeonFox_affilHorz_2 NSV022_Boyfriends2_LeonFox_affilVert_1

NSV022_Boyfriends2_LoganStevens_affilHorz_1 NSV022_Boyfriends2_LoganStevens_affilHorz_2


NSV022_Boyfriends2_LoganStevensLeonFox_affilHorz_1 NSV022_Boyfriends2_LoganStevensLeonFox_affilHorz_3 NSV022_Boyfriends2_LoganStevensLeonFox_affilHorz_5 NSV022_Boyfriends2_LoganStevensLeonFox_affilHorz_7 NSV022_Boyfriends2_LoganStevensLeonFox_affilVert_7

Naked Sword

There’s free love, and then there are Logan and Leon. Logan Stevens and Leon Fox met at a Faerie gathering in the woods of Tennessee, but in NakedSword’s Boyfriends 2, Logan and Leon show that an open relationship doesn’t mean you’re bored with each other. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Sort of. After fooling around with the crew on-set (off-screen), the boys get down to business with each other. Leon fucks Logan, and then they switch, and Logan fucks Leon. Could there be anything more mind-blowing and limitless than when two like minds lock — and let their bodies roam? Sometimes the love is too good not to spread.

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Military Grunt Gets Naked

March 3, 2014 - Reading time: 4 minutes










Active Duty

Active Duty’s commander (Dink Flamingo) is back behind the camera to introduce to you a gorgeous grunt that he’s been keeping all to himself for the last few months. Orion’s like a bright, shining star in the sky, a special guy with a body to die for, a glorious smile, and sexy personality. I think you’re gonna’ like him. He’s 5’10” and 165 muscular pounds with glowing skin, nice nipples, and an impressive infantry tattoo.

This is a long, luxurious solo that’s over half an hour long and worth every second. Off come his socks, and Orion starts seductively sucking on his own toes. See, I told you. You’re gonna’ wanna to settle in and not fast-forward through any of this. I can’t describe every little thing here, but this is a fantastic solo that you won’t want to miss. Orion is a walking sex machine. If his heavy breathing and dirty talk (how he wants “a rock hard cock in my mouth, choking me…”) don’t send you over the edge, his fingering his own hole will.

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Muscular Anal Gay Sex

June 9, 2013 - Reading time: 3 minutes







Big Daddy

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Oiled Up To Fuck

June 8, 2013 - Reading time: 3 minutes










Chaos Men

Pure magic putting these two together. The chemistry is palpable!

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