Guys In Sweatpants

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Guys In Sweatpants

Tyler and I have fucked before (he was actually my first time getting fucked bareback), and we both loved it so much, we couldn’t stay away. We took a road trip, went out, fucked that night, then again in the morning. Unfortunately, after I fucked him, came and shoved my dick back in him covered in cum, we had to check out of the hotel. We packed up and headed back to the house, where the only place we could get privacy was the garage, so we finished what we’d started. We set up the cameras, drop our pants and fucked some more until we both came simultaneously. This is real sex at its finest.

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Amateur Guys Naked

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Spunk Worthy

Just in time for the holidays, I’ve got a treat that is both naughty and nice. Lance and Galen finally agreed to come back into the studio, for some hardcore action this time.
They were both nervous as they stripped off each other’s clothes, revealing Galen’s smooth body and Lance’s hairy one. Galen got right to work on Lance’s cock, sucking him down all the way to his hairy balls. Lance grabbed Galen’s head and pushed him even deeper, thrusting his dick in and out of Galen’s mouth.
“Come here,” Lance eventually said, grabbing Galen and leading his ass toward his cock. Galen sat right down on Lance’s hard pole, and began bouncing up and down on it. Lance proved to be quite the top, turning Lance around and fucking him from behind, then flipping Galen onto his back, legs up in the air, and pounding away with abandon.
Lance pulled out and shot a load all over Galen’s face, coating it with a thick white glaze. Lance looked like he needed a little help when it came time to make Galen cum, so I jumped in to lend a hand. But to my surprise, Lance wanted to go for round two, so I stroked a second load out of him first before moving onto Galen. Then I jerked Galen’s cock as Lance manned the camera for me. I earned a huge load from Galen that shot clear up to his head, a little of which I fed to him from my finger.
Three creamy white loads in one scene. Who said there’s no such thing as a White Christmas in California?

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Hot Muscular Guys Fuck

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Cocksure Men

Nudity 101 class is about to begin and Professor Brock Avery is waiting, buck naked, for his star pupil to arrive. The door opens and in comes John Magnum. Seeing Brock standing there wearing nothing but his birthday suit, John knows he’s in the right classroom. John undresses and plops down on the teacher’s desk. Brock immediately goes to work, swallowing John’s thick dick. With John nice and hard, Brock spreads John’s bubble-butt and tongues his smooth hole. John wants his professor’s cock inside him badly so he drops to his knees to get Brock hard and ready to fuck. Brock pounds John’s tight ass on the desk. All John can muster to say is “Yes! Yes! Yes!” as he receives Brock’s cock over and over again. John is the first to shoot his creamy load. He jumps up on the desk and Brock Avery tilts his head back to catch every creamy drop in his mouth. The two hunks exchange cummy kisses as Brock vigorously pumps his meat to return the favor. John Magnum gets a juicy facial and shares his prize with Brock.

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Naked Men

May 23, 2013 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Temptation of Eve

Beautiful men naked. Some of the sexiest male models online naked, playing with their big hard cocks and showing off their beautiful male form.

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Dominic Pacifico

December 5, 2012 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Dominic Pacifico

when he was asked and accepted becoming a nude model at a local college art class. Students would paint pictures and mold clay while he would stand there posing butt-naked. It changed his life and created the Dominic Pacifico you all know today.
Through his career he’s have been a Twink, a Top, a bottom, a Dominating Daddy, and a Submissive Slave, an Army Grunt, an Arabian Thief, a Sexy DJ, a Bound God, and basically the spokesman for The Butt Machine!

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