Sherman Maus Gets Rubbed Down

October 3, 2022 - Reading time: ~1 minute

Club Amateur USA

Sherman Maus Naked rubdown, watch as Sherman gets massaged down with oil before getting his dick sucked and then jerked off with a creamy happy ending male for male erotic massage. That's some hot male on male bodywork.

Club Amateur USA

Massage Bait

September 30, 2021 - Reading time: 3 minutes








Massage Bait

Tyler thought he was feeling stiff, and wanted to work the kinks out. Tyler found out there’s a new hot masseuse in town and thought he would give him a call and see how he could work his hands on his oily body. What he didn’t know was the deep fucking he was about to get.

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Jessy Gets Massaged Nude

November 8, 2013 - Reading time: 5 minutes












Jake Cruise

Jessy Ares is among my all time favorite models. Not only is he incredibly sexy, his personality and charm won me over within moments of meeting him. After servicing Jesse I needed more so I brought him back for a massage. Jessy lays down on the table and I go straight for his sweet asshole and cock. The massage oil can wait! Jessy tastes amazing. I shove my tongue as far down his hole as I can and swallow every inch of his thick uncut dick. I’m supposed to be giving a massage but I’m obsessed with his ass. Finally my hands glide across his broad shoulders and back oiling his skin. I can feel his tense muscles slowly relax. His cut glutes, legs and arms get my attention before I come to his gorgeous feet. I suck his toes and work his cock with my free hand at the same time. Jessy flips over and now I can really get at his hard dick. I slather him in oil and pump his pole between my fists. I take him down to his balls in my mouth and savor every last bit of this furry hunk. I jerk Jessy Ares off until he provides me with a thick creamy load all over my hand. I make sure to lap up every last drop before bidding Jessy good-bye.

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