Brit Lads Rob Jackson and Tommy Lee

April 19, 2022 - Reading time: 3 minutes

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Handsome athletic lads Rob Jackson and Tommy Lee start off in shiny sports shorts. Tommy gives Rob’s nipples a lick whilst stroking his growing bulge. They take off their shorts, and Tommy goes back to Rob’s bulge. They take off their underwear. Both lads have thick meaty uncut cocks, but Rob’s is super thick with bulging veins and lots of foreskin over the fat head. Eager to get that big meat in his mouth, Tommy opens wide, struggling to take it all. Rob grips his head and fucks his mouth. They stand and wank, then Rob gets onto his knees to give Tommy’s thick dick a good wet sucking. Then they switch. Rob gets sucked again, a very hot, very wet, sloppy, blowjob. Rob plays with Tommy’s hole, rubbing spit into it. Eager to fuck, Tommy leans against the sofa. Rob eases his dick in, letting Tommy get used to the size, then fucks a bit harder. On the floor, Tommy lays on his side, some very hot action as his hole gets massively stretched. Rob pulls out and moves around to get his dick sucked by Tommy, who jerks himself off, shooting a big load of white spunk over his chest. Rob cums shortly after, and his dick practically explodes. Jet after jet of hot jizz squirts all over Tommy’s face and into his mouth, leaving him drenched

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Gym Gay Threeway

September 8, 2020 - Reading time: 3 minutes

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Gay gym sex from Himeros TV
Himeros TV
Not surprisingly for many gay and bisexual men, the first inklings of male desire became known in school gyms; strong homoerotic currents are present in the ways that even heterosexual guys demonstrate appreciation for and seek to enhance the male form. The gym is one socially acceptable place in which men are allowed to be garishly vain, to physically “handle” their buddies with playfully arousing touch, to sport clothing designed to flaunt the body’s aesthetic, and to voluntarily choose to hang out naked together in locker rooms.

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