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Nudity 101 class is about to begin and Professor Brock Avery is waiting, buck naked, for his star pupil to arrive. The door opens and in comes John Magnum. Seeing Brock standing there wearing nothing but his birthday suit, John knows he’s in the right classroom. John undresses and plops down on the teacher’s desk. Brock immediately goes to work, swallowing John’s thick dick. With John nice and hard, Brock spreads John’s bubble-butt and tongues his smooth hole. John wants his professor’s cock inside him badly so he drops to his knees to get Brock hard and ready to fuck. Brock pounds John’s tight ass on the desk. All John can muster to say is “Yes! Yes! Yes!” as he receives Brock’s cock over and over again. John is the first to shoot his creamy load. He jumps up on the desk and Brock Avery tilts his head back to catch every creamy drop in his mouth. The two hunks exchange cummy kisses as Brock vigorously pumps his meat to return the favor. John Magnum gets a juicy facial and shares his prize with Brock.

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Bo Dean and David Dakota are walking along one of the many trails here at the ranch. The surroundings are beautiful, but not as much as the men. The clothes come off and David swallows Bo’s dick. Sucking Bo off and eating his ass has David rock hard even before Bo gets his first lick. Ready to fuck as always, Bo sits down on a near-bye wall. David takes a seat right on Bo’s cock and the ass-pounding begins. David strokes his cock frantically as Bo gives it to him hard and fast. David loves every second, coaxing Bo to go even deeper. David, dangling off the wall while Bo still pounds his ass, explodes onto his stomach. Bo then deposits a load of his own onto David’s hot body.

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Liqui-chi? Flex-Fu? We don’t know what to call it, but whatever it is Shane Hopkins is making it look cool and sexy. Don’t know what the hell we’re talking about? You’ll just have to watch to find out. After Shane’s done with his Flow-Kwon Do demonstration he gets fully undressed and lets his monster out of it’s cage. He strokes it for a little bit before busting out his new favorite toy, a Fleshjack. He admittedly could cum in seconds it feels so good, but he lasts as long as he can for you before finally giving in and making quite a sticky mess. Click here for more from Cocksure Men.

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