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Bait Buddies

Jake the mechanic from California is our straight victim this week. He’s a sexy, 24 year old bad boy type, brooding, mellow and fairly quiet. He’s 5’10”, with green eyes and short brown hair, a solid, thick, muscular build which is covered in a variety of tattoos and has a really nice 7.5” cock. He’s a real car buff who likes to work on anything with a motor – he’s been doing it since he’s six years old. And only like a straight guy can, he describes to Caruso how he fucked a chick on the beach in broad daylight while all his buddies and their girlfriends watched. Caruso pairs our straight mechanic with another dude who’s also new to porn, and that’s 25 year old self proclaimed ‘beach bum’ Josh. Josh applied to work for Caruso using the model application on and was one of the lucky ones selected. Josh is newly from Ft Lauderdale with a slender yet sexy 6’3” frame that’s nicely defined and topped off with a great looking 7” dick. Like Jake, he’s also done some fucking on the beach, or at least got fucked on the beach by apparently more than a dude or two – but no one was watching when he did it. With the preliminary boner tests done, Caruso needs to deliver the bad news – there’s no girl available for the shoot. And you should’ve seen Jake’s reaction when Caruso gave him the option of having sex with Josh – Jake jumps up all angry shouting ”SERIOUSLY”. We thought for sure he was going to start throwing punches. But, Caruso jumps in and starts telling him that ”this is porn” and we shoot all kinds of things, girl on girl, guy on guy, etc. Caruso’s chat seems to calm Jake down and before you know it he’s agreeing to give gay a try. Caruso says ”I thought you were going to freak out on us” and Jake just says ”it’s good money” so we let it go at that. With that matter settled, Caruso tells Josh to give Jake a hand and the horny, anxious boy quickly reaches for the straight dude’s cock and starts stroking. Jake tells Caruso it feels good, so Caruso tells him to give Josh a hand and both dudes are now jacking each other off. Caruso moves them on to the cocksucking portion of the show and has Josh go down on Jake. Josh just about swallows that boy’s hot cock – he was so horny and anxious for Jake’s straight dick from the first moment he saw him. Right before Jake was to return the dick licking favor, Caruso has them do a bit of sword fighting with their dicks in order to give Josh the opportunity to go in for some kissing. And they do – it’s a short but very hot make out session between the two porn newbies. It’s now Jake’s turn to suck cock for the first time and he goes right for it – a little hesitant with a cock in his mouth at first, he quickly gets that hang of it, so much so that you can tell that Josh is really enjoying being on the receiving end. Next is fucking and Caruso asks for a volunteer to take the bottoming duties. Just speaks up right away for that position – he’s been waiting to get fucked by big, straight boy cock on Caruso’s set ever since he submitted his model application. Jake slips on a condom and both boys lube up. Josh just sits right down on that 7” cock and slides it up his aching hole in one fast shot. Josh humps Jake for all he’s worth and Jake is hunching his cock into Josh’s butt. Caruso eventually tells Josh to get on his back ”and let’s see what Jake can really do”. Jake doesn’t let Caruso down and starts pounding Josh’s ass missionary style. It doesn’t take long for Josh to shoot a huge, powerful cum geyser that sprays his torso and shoots past his head and over the top of the couch arm! Jake quickly rips off his rubber and jacks his cock hard and winds up shooting a pretty big load himself that lands all over Josh’s hand. Caruso asks our straight boy Jake ”how was the experience” and Jake simple answers ”good”. He asks Josh and just by the look on his face we can see that the boy is over the moon after a hot fucking and blowing a huge nut. Then Caruso says to Jake ”We have to be honest – Josh likes boys” – a grin appears on Jake’s face as he replies ”I could tell”.

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Bait Buddies Gay Sex

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Bait Buddies

Willie originally appeared on the site several months ago as the straight guy we turned gay4pay. You might remember that he was so incensed when Caruso suggested he have sex with a dude that he threw a fit and flipped the cocktail table across the floor of the set. Well, when you overspend for the holidays and you’re broke, there aren’t too many places where you can make some fast cash. So, he puts the experience from the prior video shoot behind him and calls Caruso for work. Caruso is shocked that this straight boy would ever come back for more, but he also realizes that the boy is desperate, so he makes this deal ”you’ll have to get fucked – call me back if you still want to do it”. It wasn’t an hour later that the phone rang at the studio and Willie swore to Caruso he would do it and not throw any tantrums. Caruso tells Willie to get himself ready for a fuck by fingering his hole while he jerks off and work up to three fingers before he makes a final date for his shoot. Willie is so desperate that he takes his girlfriends dildo and works up to the full length within two days calls Caruso back. It’s a little sparse as far as models go between Christmas and New Years and since Caruso had little time to do the video, he takes the chance on using Willie as bait and as luck would have it, a new straight dude had just sent in an application and photo – he looked good, so Caruso hired him over the phone. Zach is the new guy and at 5’11” inches of slender, defined muscle, he’s a total contrast to Willie, who is 5’5” with a beefy yet muscular body.  However, they are alike in one way, both are southern boys with a penchant for monster trucks and mud racing. After both boys meet, Caruso asks Zach why he thinks he can do porn. Zach says because girls tell him he’s the best, he ”carves them up”. When asked to explain, he means he fucks them till they can’t walk – hot! Now we’ll see if he can do the same to Willie. When Zach finds out that there’s no girl, given the opportunity, he’s pretty willing to try sex with a dude and initially admits to jacking off with buddies when he was younger.  Caruso tells the boys to start jacking each other off, which Zach is fine with. When they move to blowjobs, it looks to Caruso like this isn’t Zach’s first time.  When asked, Zach admits that he used to suck some buddies’ dicks in middle school after they got drunk.  Caruso says ”I thought you liked pussy” to which Zach replies ”I’m getting a little confused myself”. The boys do some kissing and you can see there’s some sort of chemistry there – they’re not just going through the motions. Next you’ll see Zach fucking Willie long and hard until Willie can no longer tolerate his virgin fuck and says ”take it out”. Both dudes than jack off with Willie cumming first. You’d think this would put young Zach over the edge, but in the end Caruso had to turn the pussy porn back on and jack up the volume so that this hot, young straight boy could shoot his load onto his new buddy’s body. ‘After the Shoot’ Zach admits to having sucked the dick of one of his middle school buddies about a month and half prior to this video when they had been out drinking. Both boys say that pussy is still their first choice, but would be happy to have another dude join in for a threesome with a girl. And, by the way they acted together, we think each would prefer that dude to be the other.

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