Tom Bacan and Tom Connor

April 19, 2022 - Reading time: 3 minutes

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Tom Bacan is looking to warm up and Tom Connor comes in all hot and bothered ready to play. The two fall into each other’s arms and begin kissing as they slowly strip out of their clothes. Both of their thick uncut cocks are rock hard and ready for action. As they continue kissing, they grab each other’s dicks and start masturbating one another. Jacking leads to blowjobs and blowjobs lead to Tom Connor sliding in behind Tom Bacan and the ass pounding begins. It’s not long before Tom Bacan climbs on top and begins riding up and down on Tom Connor’s thick long cock. He gyrates around enjoying Tom’s dick deep inside him. He rolls over on his back, pulls his legs back and Tom Connor plows his dick back inside his tight pink hole. The fucking intensifies and Tom Bacan jerks his cock faster just as the dick inside him finds that magic button. Tom Bacan loses it and squirts a healthy load of cum all over his tummy. Tom Connor pulls out and his huge uncut cock blows load after load coating both the sofa and Tom Bacan in layers of creamy jizz. It certainly looks like everyone’s all warmed up now

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Titan Muscle Outdoor Gay Sex

April 14, 2022 - Reading time: 4 minutes








Titan Men

Lounging on the beach, dark-haired Viktor Jones eyes runner Francois Sagat. Quickly up to his feet, Viktor jogs alongside the muscle hunk to a clearing in the woods. As rain trickles down their toned bodies, the two passionately kiss as their hands roam each other. Trim Viktor drops down to feast on the throbbing cock of Francois, whose rain-soaked body hair clings to his muscles as water drips down the crevices of his torso. After a kiss, the bulge in Viktor’s jeans aches for release. Francois offers a spirited suck that has drool dripping down his chest as spit strands dangle between his lips and Viktor’s thick, arched slab. After more deep throating, kissing and sword play, Francois eats out his bud’s hairy hole while jacking Viktor’s huge cock at the same time. They let out their first loads as Francois’s chest gets even wetter. The beefy stud then bends over as Viktor pounds away, varying his tempo from slow and steady to fast and hard as Francois moans with each thrust. The bottom gets on his back, a great aerial shot looking down on his massive chest and boner—which soon emits another spray before Viktor coats him in more cum.

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Massage Bait

September 30, 2021 - Reading time: 3 minutes








Massage Bait

Tyler thought he was feeling stiff, and wanted to work the kinks out. Tyler found out there’s a new hot masseuse in town and thought he would give him a call and see how he could work his hands on his oily body. What he didn’t know was the deep fucking he was about to get.

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Raw Man Action

March 8, 2014 - Reading time: 4 minutes











Sketchy Sex

We had been fucking each others brains out all night. It was sometime in the early morning when we shot this vid. Eli was on a big dick cum hungry binge. Some closet case married dude with a ten inch cock posted on craigslist and Eli invited him over. This guy had beautiful big dick and Eli couldn’t get enough of it – he took so many loads dude!

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Steamy Gay Sex

January 25, 2014 - Reading time: 3 minutes

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Woody Fox is the latest top only major porn star to get fucked on film for the first time! Paul Walker takes it slow with deep, sensual thrusts deep into Woody’s virgin hole.

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Straight Frat Guy

December 29, 2013 - Reading time: 4 minutes











Straight Fraternity

Franco blindfolds Ryan Peters and cuffs his hands together. Right away, Ryan turns totally submissive and does whatever he’s told. Franco eats his ass, forces him to suck his cock and fucks his tight hole bareback with his thick 9-inch cock.

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